“Why make a St. James video?”

Why make a Saint James Video? – Anyone who is an art director knows the responsibility that comes with a question like this. Though this question is posed by a student after the fact, as a company are asked on a daily basis “why” to do one thing or another. Justification of the creative process- [...]

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Behind The Scenes: St. James Video

When you see a beautiful and compelling video like that of the St. James admissions video, you’re probably not thinking about what had to go on behind the scenes to make it happen (and really, you shouldn’t be). However, it was a pretty incredible “3 man operation” that the client was overwhelmingly pleased with, so [...]

iPhone 4 Used for Cinema Quality Movie

Distinguished South Korean director Park Chan-Wook will debut his 30-minute film, “Night Fishing,” on January 27th in select theaters in South Korea. This is notable, as it is the first “cinema-standard” film shot using only the iPhone. He and a few others used iPhone 4s with various lenses, a budget of a little over $130,000 [...]

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What do the front page of the Wall Street Journal, Young Boozer and LWT have in common?

Responding to client Young Boozer’s request to play up his unique name in his candidacy for Treasurer of the state of Alabama, we at LWT decided to set up a YouTube channel where we could upload a series of videos we shot for him: YouTube.com/yboozer. It’s likely that Elizabeth Williamson, a writer for the Wall [...]

Book Trailer: Family Meeting by Miles Demott

“The Camber family, one of the oldest and most respected families in a city known for old and respected families, is about to sell Plantation Trust, the bank that cemented their fortune and made their name a household word. Although their lives seem to have been lived in full public view, this intensely private family [...]

Behind-The-Scenes: Lately at LWT

Here’s a behind-the-scenes sneak peek at a variety of projects LWT has been working on the past few weeks: Stephen, Shannon, and Mary Catherine worked on a photoshoot for a client. Stephen and Laura worked on a photoshoot for a CreateAthon client. LWT shot for Miles DeMott’s Family Meeting book trailer. LWT worked diligently on [...]

The City of Montgomery – The Capital of Dreams

The City of Montgomery branding campaign officially launched yesterday. It was a huge undertaking but the members of LWT could not be more proud of the unveiling. Montgomery is looking forward to a bright future! Here’s what some LWTers had to say: “Looking forward! Where else in the world could be as central to modern [...]

Through Stephen’s Lens: Commercial Shoot

Most of last week was spent with a handful of LWTers at any given time attending video shoots all over Montgomery for an upcoming commercial. The weather cooperated wonderfully, and all the hard work will be worth it when the commercial debuts. Asit comes closer and closer to being complete, it has numerous employees moved [...]

Through Stephen’s Lens: Television Spot

Work for a new television spot began early this week when Camille, Lani and Stephen arrived in Old Cloverdale before sunrise to set up the shot. Shooting at twilight gives you only a few moments of perfect contrast between the sky and man-made light and it looks like they got the shot just in time. [...]

Through Stephen’s Lens: Montgomery

Stephen got to test out some new equipment (the Kenyon K6 Gyro) yesterday while experimenting for an upcoming project. Paul from SouthStar Aviation flew him around to various Montgomery land marks to capture some cool aerial footage. Enjoy this little preview!

HDSLR’s Being Embraced by the Big Boys

The only reason that I ever thought it was possible for someone like myself to make a feature length film on no budget was because Robert Rodriquez told me I could… and I only believed it because he did it himself. But Robert did it the hard way. In his book “Rebel Without a Crew” [...]

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Do You Know Jack?

I’ve been shooting video for a local chamber music program called Clefworks for the past 3 years and have recently had the honor of becoming a contributing member of their artistic committee. Clefworks not only hosts a series of chamber music concerts, but also tries to tie it together with some visual art form in [...]

Timelapse and Stop Motion

We’ve been working on a video to highlight the services and staff here at our agency and today I spent a good deal of time working on some proof of concept work utilizing stop motion animation and timelapse video. In the photo to your left you can see me with light in one hand and [...]

Hanging off the balcony… 19 stories up!

This Summer, I headed down to Panama City Beach Florida to shoot a video for Aqua Condominiums. It was our first time to really get to use our new Canon 5D Mark II and we decided to treat it just like we would any other video camera… we put it on a jib and hung [...]

The Surprise Ending

I’ve been working the last on a video for our agency that features all of our staff doing… well whatever it is they do… and today it was Brittney’s turn to be in the spotlight. Part of the designer’s job is to cut and mount their work for presentation to the client… which they do [...]

United Way – Live United

This week we have been looking back over our work, gearing up for the Addy Awards. I haven’t been here for very long and was concerned that I wouldn’t have much to submit. For some reason I had forgotten about our United Way spot. This was a concept that took a lot of thought and [...]

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Photography and Video Convergence

I posted an entry a couple of days ago about the convergence between video and still image cameras. Below is a video that we made this summer that illustrates this concept in a little more detail. Along with myself you’ll hear from our principle, David Allred, who was along with me on the shoot. Enjoy!

Making movies on your still camera?

As a photographer and a filmmaker, in recent years, I’d dance between the two realms, splitting my time between the still camera and high end video cameras. I each instance always wishing that I could either take a quick photo from the video camera, or a use my still camera to capture some video… specifically [...]

Behind the Scenes – Distinctive Homes

Today, Camille, Jamie and I headed out to the lovely rural neighborhood called “The Waters” to shoot some photos for our client Distinctive Homes. Below is a very raw peek at the photo session. Stephen Poff

Behind the Scenes at the Old Alabama Town Shoot

During the Fall of 2009 I spent the day with Shannon, Jamie and the folks at Old Alabama Town to shoot a portrait series for the new brochure that we were working on for Createathon. Despite having to call the ambulance and fighting the rain we got 7 iconic shots in. Hit the jump to see [...]

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