Does Mobile Matter?

Mobile will soon be the primary connection for most people in the developed world. Consider the staggering numbers from this internet guru’s latest report: during early 2012, mobile device shipments surpassed desktop computers for the first time and, by the end of 2012, there will be one billion smartphone users and five billion mobile phone [...]

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Missing Posts

Please be aware- we’ve lost some of our posts and some of our recent links no longer work because entries have been reposted. Sorry for any issues!

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Is Your Data Safe in the Cloud?

  According to Simon Crosby from Mashable, there is nowhere safer for your data than The Cloud. The part from his post that made the most sense to me was the last paragraph where he compares putting your data in the cloud to putting money in the bank. The security at the bank is going [...]

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Next in Location-Based Advertising: Geofencing

“If Foursquare and Groupon had a child, it would look a lot like geofencing,” says Ann Sherber in her DigiDay Blog. Geofencing is essentially an invisible fence set up around a location where users who have already opted in can receive special deals and coupons via text message when they enter said location. A huge [...]

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New to Google Search: Less Content Farms, More Food

Google has made a few changes lately!   Lower rankings for Content Farms – Content Farms are those websites full of low quality, mostly useless text filled with keywords built to attract traffic from search engines. This will improve rankings for sites and information you’re actually trying to find. For more information, read Google Declares [...]

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Behind The Scenes: St. James Video

When you see a beautiful and compelling video like that of the St. James admissions video, you’re probably not thinking about what had to go on behind the scenes to make it happen (and really, you shouldn’t be). However, it was a pretty incredible “3 man operation” that the client was overwhelmingly pleased with, so [...]

iPhone 4 Used for Cinema Quality Movie

Distinguished South Korean director Park Chan-Wook will debut his 30-minute film, “Night Fishing,” on January 27th in select theaters in South Korea. This is notable, as it is the first “cinema-standard” film shot using only the iPhone. He and a few others used iPhone 4s with various lenses, a budget of a little over $130,000 [...]

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Blending the Digital and Real Worlds

JWT, one of the largest and well known advertising agencies in the world, released its yearly “100 Things to Watch”  list for 2011. If you haven’t been keeping up, the first few slides of the presentation will show you just how spot-on this group is with trend forecasts and you’ll know it’s worth a look. [...]

Landlines Passé?

Although she has seen and interacted with it, my grandmother just thinks my cell phone is my landline, convinced I’m not home when I don’t answer. A recent report on phone use by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that; “in a first for any age group, more than half of Americans [...]

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Mobile App Privacy: You Have More Phone Contacts Than You Think

With the percentage of Smartphone users growing by the day (and not to mention with the holidays), this article from the Wall Street Journal is a very interesting read! Your Apps Are Watching You Takeaways: -over 50% transmitted the phone’s unique device ID to other companies without users’ awareness or consent -nearly 50% sent the [...]

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Dell Seriously Watching Conversations: The Rise of Social Media Command Centers

Dell is at the top of the game when it comes to innovative customer service. The company already takes its social media efforts seriously by trying to satisfy a global customer base in soon to be 11 different languages. Now Dell has created a “Social Media Listening Center” that will monitor all conversations of Dell [...]

Device Fingerprints Are The New Cookies

There’s undoubtedly a lot of controversy over internet privacy- especially when it comes to advertising. I came across an article today from the Wall Street Journal Online that sheds an interesting light on the advancements being made in online data capturing and just how these companies plan to use the data. Companies are now racing [...]

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Hot Trend in 2010: Social Shopping

You may have noticed that many of the new popular technological developments are revolving around shopping. With the holiday season right around the corner, some of these new resources should come in very handy! An article series highlighting the Top Trends of 2010 in web technology began with a look at social shopping. A few [...]

Ways To Build A Loyal Audience To Your Website Part 2

While evaluating website analytics, the key indicators to examine are website visits, page views and the length of time spent on each page of your website. Why? The goal of any website should not only be to attract new visitors to your site, but also to retain previous visitors. But, how? Below is Part 2 [...]

The New Twitter

Yesterday Twitter began rolling out it’s new site preview to selected news outlets and big names, and it seems to be quite an improvement! The roll-out will take a few weeks to reach every Twitter account, and there will be a period in which you can switch from the classic version to the new “preview”. [...]

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The Best Browser Testing Environment

How we handle the tedious task of browser testing. From IE6 to IE9, all other major browsers on one machine, with developer tools to boot!

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Where are my Tweets?!

If your tweets are missing from the Twitter Search, here are the reasons why and what you can do to fix it.

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Flash vs HTML5

There seems to be a bandwagon going around which would have you believe that Flash is a bad thing for the web, and that HTML5 should replace it yesterday…

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Always a Chat Window Away

This week, one of our programmers is out of town, training on the latest version of a CMS we frequently set up for clients. On top of that, our other programmer works remotely three days a week from his home. We rely on these guys to carry the brunt of on our programming demands during [...]

A Better CSS Reset

A “CSS Reset” is a tiny bit of Cascading Style Sheet code that is typically loaded before the rest of the web-site code. It’s purpose is to reset all the style settings to a standard default with the purpose of giving your browser a clean canvas on which to “paint” the web-site. CSS resets are unfortunately the [...]

Your Head in the Cloud

An introduction to “Cloud Computing” and what it will mean to future Internet marketing

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Internet Explorer is not “The Internet”

There appears to be a wide demographic that still believes that Internet Explorer actually IS The Internet…

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Hanging off the balcony… 19 stories up!

This Summer, I headed down to Panama City Beach Florida to shoot a video for Aqua Condominiums. It was our first time to really get to use our new Canon 5D Mark II and we decided to treat it just like we would any other video camera… we put it on a jib and hung [...]

Say What? Character Pronunciation

I came across an article that described the proper way to pronounce special characters and the reasons for knowing how to. This seemingly pointless topic seems less mundane if you have ever listened to a programmer trying to tell another what to type: “After line 120, put an open bracket,… no the squiggly bracket ({), [...]

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100 downloads and things to come

So, I’ve been pretty busy. I have been working on several side projects and freelance things the last week or few. I thought I would stop long enough to give an update and to celebrate. First, let’s celebrate: My Photoshop actions have been downloaded 100 times as of today. As someone who’s never offered up [...]

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Making movies on your still camera?

As a photographer and a filmmaker, in recent years, I’d dance between the two realms, splitting my time between the still camera and high end video cameras. I each instance always wishing that I could either take a quick photo from the video camera, or a use my still camera to capture some video… specifically [...]