CreateAthon 2012: Not Just Montgomery Anymore

CreateAthon™ 2012 marks LWT’s eleventh year of hosting the event. CreateAthon™   is a 24-hour, work-around the clock creative blitz during which marketing firms provide nonprofits marketing services on a pro bono basis. LWT has provided CreateAthon™ since 2002 and in that time has helped over 90 Central Alabama nonprofit organizations by creating over 180 projects. [...]

Pepsi Throwback: Why Nostalgia Branding Works

Nostalgia branding works for two simple reasons. 1. Older generations love to “remember when.” 2. Younger generations think retro is cool. The marketing team at PepsiCo only sees this trend increasing as people yearn for “the good ol’ days” when things were simpler. Pepsi recently introduced “Pepsi Throwback” and “Mountain Dew Throwback” with retro labeling [...]

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New Logo Design for JCPenney: Is it Worth it?

Ad Age posted a blog entry the other day revealing JCPenney’s new logo, set to debut in commercials February 27th. The Gap felt a horrible backlash when it tried to freshen its logo and Starbucks faced minor criticism, but Natalie Zmuda at Ad Age believes no one is even going to notice the change in the [...]

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Minimalism is the New Black

Brand minimalism, especially when it comes to logo design, is popping up everywhere lately. First there was news of Starbucks stripping coffee from its logo and re-touching the mermaid. Now, Target has followed suit and remains only a bullseye. Refreshing the brand image is a true test, however. People go to get “Starbucks”…they don’t go [...]

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Can Do Good: CAN-STRUCTURE 2010

“LWT turned the concept and production of Can-structure into a brand with a clear and succinct message. There is no doubt that the events notoriety throughout the River Region and now in Madison County, is due to the amazing graphic design, tagline and copy that make up the marketing collateral. Also, the fact the LWT [...]

Maintaining The Gap’s Brand Loyalty

Early this week The Gap launched a new logo- and was met with a huge backlash from fans on all social networks. With more than 2,000 comments supporting the old logo and a spoof Twitter account with thousands of followers, The Gap definitely got the message. Ta da! People do care. The entire fiasco and [...]

CHAIRity in Action

    One of my first memories of getting to know LWT was looking around on the website and reading the story about the agency’s participation in create-a-thon.  I said to myself “what a great thing – an Ad agency giving of time and talent to a greater cause – now this is something I’d [...]

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Happy Birthday Photoshop!

Today marks the 20th birthday of Adobe Photoshop. Like a guitar to a rockstar, a needle to a seamstress, or a scalpel to a surgeon, each profession has a tool they hold near and dear to their hearts. Everyone in the graphic design world has some kind of attachment to this photo editing application. It’s [...]

Semi-Undo: Using Photoshop’s Fade Option

Apply a filter or effect to any image in Photoshop. Now, use the following keyboard shortcut: Command + Shift + F (Control + Shift + F) Or go to the menu at the top and: Edit > Fade [previous filter/effect]

Time Traveler: Using the Photoshop History Brush

Early in my career, I had the realization that there are a million paths to any task you wish to accomplish in Photoshop. Want to mask an object in a photo? You have a dozen different methods to do so. The History Brush is one of those flexible tools that can open up a whole [...]

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Static FBML Checklist

Unfortunately, going from an HTML template to Static FBML is not always a simple one-step procedure…

Are You Squinting?

When you are laying out a project, there are many things to factor in to a design. Important consideration should be given to the hierarchy of information, placement of items, and their interaction with each other and the space around them. Hierarchy really means that you know which item in your design needs the most [...]

CSS Gradients for Dummies

Recently, I have started experimenting with CSS gradients. It is flexible, fast, requires fewer server requests, and on and on. The bad is that it’s not supported by everyone yet, think of it as progressive enhancement, so it’s not really that bad. The problem I had when trying to use CSS gradients is that the [...]

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When Shadows Attack

Dear aspiring designer, there will, invariably, come a time when you decide a drop shadow is just the right element to add some depth to a project. When you do, please exercise constraint. Anyone who has used Photoshop will know there is a drop shadow layer style. But knowing when to use a subtle shadow [...]

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All in the Details

In a recent visit by a design graduate, the conversation steered towards the topic of knowing when to call a project “finished” and that subsequently brought up the subject of paying attention to detail. You can come up with a rough idea for a design, but you can really take that design to another level [...]

Webb & Eley on the web

Last week we launched a new site for Webb & Eley, a multi-disciplinary law firm. The logo was designed by Karla Merritt, self-proclaimed “creative evangelist,” photography by Chris Reding and the design and development of the site was handled by Ben Shoults, that’s me folks. Of course that was just the creative side of it, [...]

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Improving productivity, 960 pixels at a time

Recently, while gearing up for a site design for a client, it occurred to me that some of the initial steps I go through for every new design could be made to be more efficient. One of those steps involve setting up a grid template file which I use to start nearly every new site design. So, [...]

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Looking Forward

Back in 2006, I made a New Year’s resolution to take a self-portrait a day for a year. It was a way of documenting my year as well as a way to spread my wings photographically. I began to drop the photos onto the photosharing site flickr and titled a set “the 365 Days Photo [...]

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