CreateAthon 2012: Not Just Montgomery Anymore

CreateAthon™ 2012 marks LWT’s eleventh year of hosting the event. CreateAthon™   is a 24-hour, work-around the clock creative blitz during which marketing firms provide nonprofits marketing services on a pro bono basis. LWT has provided CreateAthon™ since 2002 and in that time has helped over 90 Central Alabama nonprofit organizations by creating over 180 projects. [...]

Behind The Scenes: St. James Video

When you see a beautiful and compelling video like that of the St. James admissions video, you’re probably not thinking about what had to go on behind the scenes to make it happen (and really, you shouldn’t be). However, it was a pretty incredible “3 man operation” that the client was overwhelmingly pleased with, so [...]

Book Trailer: Family Meeting by Miles Demott

“The Camber family, one of the oldest and most respected families in a city known for old and respected families, is about to sell Plantation Trust, the bank that cemented their fortune and made their name a household word. Although their lives seem to have been lived in full public view, this intensely private family [...]

Behind-The-Scenes: Lately at LWT

Here’s a behind-the-scenes sneak peek at a variety of projects LWT has been working on the past few weeks: Stephen, Shannon, and Mary Catherine worked on a photoshoot for a client. Stephen and Laura worked on a photoshoot for a CreateAthon client. LWT shot for Miles DeMott’s Family Meeting book trailer. LWT worked diligently on [...]

The City of Montgomery – The Capital of Dreams

The City of Montgomery branding campaign officially launched yesterday. It was a huge undertaking but the members of LWT could not be more proud of the unveiling. Montgomery is looking forward to a bright future! Here’s what some LWTers had to say: “Looking forward! Where else in the world could be as central to modern [...]

Through Stephen’s Lens: Commercial Shoot

Most of last week was spent with a handful of LWTers at any given time attending video shoots all over Montgomery for an upcoming commercial. The weather cooperated wonderfully, and all the hard work will be worth it when the commercial debuts. Asit comes closer and closer to being complete, it has numerous employees moved [...]

Through Stephen’s Lens: Television Spot

Work for a new television spot began early this week when Camille, Lani and Stephen arrived in Old Cloverdale before sunrise to set up the shot. Shooting at twilight gives you only a few moments of perfect contrast between the sky and man-made light and it looks like they got the shot just in time. [...]

HDSLR’s Being Embraced by the Big Boys

The only reason that I ever thought it was possible for someone like myself to make a feature length film on no budget was because Robert Rodriquez told me I could… and I only believed it because he did it himself. But Robert did it the hard way. In his book “Rebel Without a Crew” [...]

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ClefWorks 2010 – Chamber Music for the Masses

For the last few years LWT has participated in Montgomery’s own chamber music event called ClefWorks. The idea is to take chamber music to the masses. And by the masses I mean to those who wouldn’t ordinarily attend such an event. I’ve had the pleasure of filming past ClefWorks events for some of their promotional [...]

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Timelapse and Stop Motion

We’ve been working on a video to highlight the services and staff here at our agency and today I spent a good deal of time working on some proof of concept work utilizing stop motion animation and timelapse video. In the photo to your left you can see me with light in one hand and [...]

Hanging off the balcony… 19 stories up!

This Summer, I headed down to Panama City Beach Florida to shoot a video for Aqua Condominiums. It was our first time to really get to use our new Canon 5D Mark II and we decided to treat it just like we would any other video camera… we put it on a jib and hung [...]

Photography and Video Convergence

I posted an entry a couple of days ago about the convergence between video and still image cameras. Below is a video that we made this summer that illustrates this concept in a little more detail. Along with myself you’ll hear from our principle, David Allred, who was along with me on the shoot. Enjoy!

The 365 Days Project Weekly Photo Contest

On Monday I began started a weekly contest for the 365 Days group. This contest is part of the self-portrait project and was intended to give our photographers a challenge each week. This weeks challenge was “Black and White”. I chose 5 of my favorite photos from the pool and now I’m giving you guys [...]

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Making movies on your still camera?

As a photographer and a filmmaker, in recent years, I’d dance between the two realms, splitting my time between the still camera and high end video cameras. I each instance always wishing that I could either take a quick photo from the video camera, or a use my still camera to capture some video… specifically [...]

Behind the Scenes – Distinctive Homes

Today, Camille, Jamie and I headed out to the lovely rural neighborhood called “The Waters” to shoot some photos for our client Distinctive Homes. Below is a very raw peek at the photo session. Stephen Poff