CreateAthon 2012: Not Just Montgomery Anymore

CreateAthon™ 2012 marks LWT’s eleventh year of hosting the event. CreateAthon™   is a 24-hour, work-around the clock creative blitz during which marketing firms provide nonprofits marketing services on a pro bono basis. LWT has provided CreateAthon™ since 2002 and in that time has helped over 90 Central Alabama nonprofit organizations by creating over 180 projects. [...]

How much data will humans create in a year?

Have you ever wondered about the amount of data we create each year?  Those of us who have grown up in a world where computers, the internet and social media where a part of the norm, have probably never given it a second thought.  However, if you stop to think about it, it’s astonishing how [...]

The Fifth Marketing “P”

Remember the four marketing P’s? Product, price, promotion, and place. With all the social media sites, blogs, and interactive apps, we think it is necessary for a fifth marketing P- people. Today, we have social media sites that mostly connect People with People – but more and more often, they are connecting people with brands, [...]

All In A Day’s Work

At LWT, employees can expect to be called upon at any time to help with a project. LWT prides itself on creating top notch work for its clients through original and, at times, elaborate marketing ideas. Sometimes, the journey through producing such projects can involve all manners of “extra” work, going far beyond simply lending [...]

Behind The Scenes: St. James Video

When you see a beautiful and compelling video like that of the St. James admissions video, you’re probably not thinking about what had to go on behind the scenes to make it happen (and really, you shouldn’t be). However, it was a pretty incredible “3 man operation” that the client was overwhelmingly pleased with, so [...]

Blending the Digital and Real Worlds

JWT, one of the largest and well known advertising agencies in the world, released its yearly “100 Things to Watch”  list for 2011. If you haven’t been keeping up, the first few slides of the presentation will show you just how spot-on this group is with trend forecasts and you’ll know it’s worth a look. [...]

Landlines Passé?

Although she has seen and interacted with it, my grandmother just thinks my cell phone is my landline, convinced I’m not home when I don’t answer. A recent report on phone use by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that; “in a first for any age group, more than half of Americans [...]

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Dell Seriously Watching Conversations: The Rise of Social Media Command Centers

Dell is at the top of the game when it comes to innovative customer service. The company already takes its social media efforts seriously by trying to satisfy a global customer base in soon to be 11 different languages. Now Dell has created a “Social Media Listening Center” that will monitor all conversations of Dell [...]

Veterans Find Social Media is a Natural Move

5 Reasons social media is a good fit for the Department of Veteran’s Affairs: Ability to put names and faces to the VA, which will create responsibility and make it more personal Cheap and easy way for organizations, such as the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of American, to reach its vast number of members Brings [...]

What do the front page of the Wall Street Journal, Young Boozer and LWT have in common?

Responding to client Young Boozer’s request to play up his unique name in his candidacy for Treasurer of the state of Alabama, we at LWT decided to set up a YouTube channel where we could upload a series of videos we shot for him: It’s likely that Elizabeth Williamson, a writer for the Wall [...]

Working Pro Bono: Part Three

Part Three: Using Social Media for Causes In honor of LWT’s 9th annual CreateAthon event, I’ll be covering a three part series on working for causes. Part One: Agencies Giving Back to the Community Part Two: LWT’s CreateAthon 2010 Coverage Part Three: Using Social Media for Causes Social media is the new avenue for social good, [...]

Working Pro Bono: Part Two

Part Two: CreateAthon 2010 Coverage In honor of LWT’s 9th annual CreateAthon event, I’ll be covering a three part series on working for causes. Part One: Agencies Giving Back to the Community Part Two: LWT’s CreateAthon 2010 Coverage Part Three: Using Social Media for Causes CreateAthon 2010 at LWT began last Thursday with a kick-off [...]

Book Trailer: Family Meeting by Miles Demott

“The Camber family, one of the oldest and most respected families in a city known for old and respected families, is about to sell Plantation Trust, the bank that cemented their fortune and made their name a household word. Although their lives seem to have been lived in full public view, this intensely private family [...]

Behind-The-Scenes: Lately at LWT

Here’s a behind-the-scenes sneak peek at a variety of projects LWT has been working on the past few weeks: Stephen, Shannon, and Mary Catherine worked on a photoshoot for a client. Stephen and Laura worked on a photoshoot for a CreateAthon client. LWT shot for Miles DeMott’s Family Meeting book trailer. LWT worked diligently on [...]

The City of Montgomery – The Capital of Dreams

The City of Montgomery branding campaign officially launched yesterday. It was a huge undertaking but the members of LWT could not be more proud of the unveiling. Montgomery is looking forward to a bright future! Here’s what some LWTers had to say: “Looking forward! Where else in the world could be as central to modern [...]

The Dreaded Hunt: 72+ Resources for Job Searching with Social Media

With unemployment rates still hovering around 9.5% in the US, people are having to get creative with job searching. Social media is an often over-looked resource. It’s no longer what you know, or even just who you know, but a large blending of the two…mixed with a large dose of personal branding.  It’s not as [...]

Through Stephen’s Lens: Commercial Shoot

Most of last week was spent with a handful of LWTers at any given time attending video shoots all over Montgomery for an upcoming commercial. The weather cooperated wonderfully, and all the hard work will be worth it when the commercial debuts. Asit comes closer and closer to being complete, it has numerous employees moved [...]

New Faces at LWT

The LWT family is continuing to grow. To help us move forward in our efforts to meet demands and expand our services to clients, we brought aboard the following members: Sherri Schmidt, Receptionist. Sherri is our gatekeeper; the welcoming face you’ll see as you walk in the door and the friendly voice you’ll hear when [...]

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Ways To Build A Loyal Audience To Your Web Site

When evaluating web site analytics, the key indicators to examine are web site visits, page views and the length of time spent on each page of yourweb site. Why? The goal of any web site should not only be to attract new visitors to your site, but also to retain previous visitors. But, how? Below are [...]

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Advice for Aspiring Designers

From time to time, we have students or recent graduates stop by the office for a tour or a shadow day. These usually go well with the student asking miscellaneous amounts of questions and gleaning some insight to the daily lives of a designers or programmer. A few months ago, we changed it up and [...]

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CHAIRity in Action

    One of my first memories of getting to know LWT was looking around on the website and reading the story about the agency’s participation in create-a-thon.  I said to myself “what a great thing – an Ad agency giving of time and talent to a greater cause – now this is something I’d [...]

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The Surprise Ending

I’ve been working the last on a video for our agency that features all of our staff doing… well whatever it is they do… and today it was Brittney’s turn to be in the spotlight. Part of the designer’s job is to cut and mount their work for presentation to the client… which they do [...]