Social Media Mistake #8: Relying Too Much on Third Party Platforms.

  Facebook is one example of a platform that is good for engaging with your customers. But Facebook owns their platform and can do whatever they want with it. The latest example is Facebook’s almost overnight elimination of tabs – for some businesses this change has created real challenges. Google owns their platform and they [...]

CreateAthon 2012: Not Just Montgomery Anymore

CreateAthon™ 2012 marks LWT’s eleventh year of hosting the event. CreateAthon™   is a 24-hour, work-around the clock creative blitz during which marketing firms provide nonprofits marketing services on a pro bono basis. LWT has provided CreateAthon™ since 2002 and in that time has helped over 90 Central Alabama nonprofit organizations by creating over 180 projects. [...]

How much data will humans create in a year?

Have you ever wondered about the amount of data we create each year?  Those of us who have grown up in a world where computers, the internet and social media where a part of the norm, have probably never given it a second thought.  However, if you stop to think about it, it’s astonishing how [...]

The Fifth Marketing “P”

Remember the four marketing P’s? Product, price, promotion, and place. With all the social media sites, blogs, and interactive apps, we think it is necessary for a fifth marketing P- people. Today, we have social media sites that mostly connect People with People – but more and more often, they are connecting people with brands, [...]

When Social Media IS Your Work

Recently we’ve added a tagline to our signature files for those we are corresponding with to “Like us on Facebook.” Regularly, I am engaged in Facebook, Twitter or iTunes each day developing apps for clients, etc. Why does it still feel as though I’m doing something wrong when I’m on Facebook at work, as though [...]

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Is “Want” the New “Like”?

I can think of many reasons why marketers, advertisers, product developers, etc. should hope it is! I’ve seen a few social services emerge lately revolving around people sharing things they want. Business Insider published an article describing a mobile app called “Want!” where you take pictures of things you want, label them, and can either [...]

How Did You Hear?

Social media has played an interesting role in big events lately, from efforts helping the tornado victims in Alabama to breaking the news to many of Osama Bin Laden’s death. We really saw the power of social media during the storms in Alabama a few weeks ago. News organizations were tweeting to get live coverage [...]

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What’s Your Price Point for Digital Goods?

What are you willing to pay for your digital goods, like music, movies and news?                               The New York Times’ new plan charges $35 a month for all-inclusive content, accessible from any of your devices. This doesn’t compare very well to [...]

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“Why make a St. James video?”

Why make a Saint James Video? – Anyone who is an art director knows the responsibility that comes with a question like this. Though this question is posed by a student after the fact, as a company are asked on a daily basis “why” to do one thing or another. Justification of the creative process- [...]

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Pepsi Throwback: Why Nostalgia Branding Works

Nostalgia branding works for two simple reasons. 1. Older generations love to “remember when.” 2. Younger generations think retro is cool. The marketing team at PepsiCo only sees this trend increasing as people yearn for “the good ol’ days” when things were simpler. Pepsi recently introduced “Pepsi Throwback” and “Mountain Dew Throwback” with retro labeling [...]

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7 Social Media Best Practice Tips

  Your photo should be a fairly recent picture of you. Following and friending the competition is okay. Let them follow you as well. Promote other people more than yourself. Don’t use your page as a platform to spit out ads. Link to clients you’re mentioning, people who inspire your material, products you’re discussing, etc. [...]

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Super Bowl Ad Round Up

Dogs Tied for Best: According to USA Today’s Ad Meter, there was a tie for the first time ever, and both ads featured personified dogs. Doritos achieved one of the top spots with an ad made by consumers, and the other top spot went to a Bud Light ad. See how the ads ranked and [...]

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Minimalism is the New Black

Brand minimalism, especially when it comes to logo design, is popping up everywhere lately. First there was news of Starbucks stripping coffee from its logo and re-touching the mermaid. Now, Target has followed suit and remains only a bullseye. Refreshing the brand image is a true test, however. People go to get “Starbucks”…they don’t go [...]

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Blending the Digital and Real Worlds

JWT, one of the largest and well known advertising agencies in the world, released its yearly “100 Things to Watch”  list for 2011. If you haven’t been keeping up, the first few slides of the presentation will show you just how spot-on this group is with trend forecasts and you’ll know it’s worth a look. [...]

Landlines Passé?

Although she has seen and interacted with it, my grandmother just thinks my cell phone is my landline, convinced I’m not home when I don’t answer. A recent report on phone use by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that; “in a first for any age group, more than half of Americans [...]

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Advertising in 2010 – What’s Next?

Social media advertising really took off in 2010, along with a slew of other interactive advertising and commerce platforms. Here are a few other things we saw gaining popularity: Location based promotions, games, and advertising Check-ins with Foursquare, Facebook (Check-in at Times Square on New Years!), Gowalla, etc. Google Maps and Places being branded and detailed (they’re [...]

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Mobile App Privacy: You Have More Phone Contacts Than You Think

With the percentage of Smartphone users growing by the day (and not to mention with the holidays), this article from the Wall Street Journal is a very interesting read! Your Apps Are Watching You Takeaways: -over 50% transmitted the phone’s unique device ID to other companies without users’ awareness or consent -nearly 50% sent the [...]

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Device Fingerprints Are The New Cookies

There’s undoubtedly a lot of controversy over internet privacy- especially when it comes to advertising. I came across an article today from the Wall Street Journal Online that sheds an interesting light on the advancements being made in online data capturing and just how these companies plan to use the data. Companies are now racing [...]

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Can Do Good: CAN-STRUCTURE 2010

“LWT turned the concept and production of Can-structure into a brand with a clear and succinct message. There is no doubt that the events notoriety throughout the River Region and now in Madison County, is due to the amazing graphic design, tagline and copy that make up the marketing collateral. Also, the fact the LWT [...]

Veterans Find Social Media is a Natural Move

5 Reasons social media is a good fit for the Department of Veteran’s Affairs: Ability to put names and faces to the VA, which will create responsibility and make it more personal Cheap and easy way for organizations, such as the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of American, to reach its vast number of members Brings [...]

What do the front page of the Wall Street Journal, Young Boozer and LWT have in common?

Responding to client Young Boozer’s request to play up his unique name in his candidacy for Treasurer of the state of Alabama, we at LWT decided to set up a YouTube channel where we could upload a series of videos we shot for him: It’s likely that Elizabeth Williamson, a writer for the Wall [...]

Did you get your “I Voted” Badge?

Voting has taken over social media networks across the board today. Facebook has a prominently placed “Today is Election Day” box posted at the top of user pages, touting an already 8 million+ “people on Facebook voted.” Foursquare is giving out “I Voted” badges for those who check in at polls, and so far the [...]

Buzzwords You Never Want to Hear Again

We’re all familiar with the little phrases and words that catch on each year, and subsequently, we all grow to hate some of them. I spent some time searching online, and it seems the most hated business buzzwords for 2010 are: Rightsizing 2.0 Best-of-Breed Anything starting with Tw (as in Twitter related) Value-Add Offline (as [...]

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Working Pro Bono: Part Three

Part Three: Using Social Media for Causes In honor of LWT’s 9th annual CreateAthon event, I’ll be covering a three part series on working for causes. Part One: Agencies Giving Back to the Community Part Two: LWT’s CreateAthon 2010 Coverage Part Three: Using Social Media for Causes Social media is the new avenue for social good, [...]

Working Pro Bono: Part Two

Part Two: CreateAthon 2010 Coverage In honor of LWT’s 9th annual CreateAthon event, I’ll be covering a three part series on working for causes. Part One: Agencies Giving Back to the Community Part Two: LWT’s CreateAthon 2010 Coverage Part Three: Using Social Media for Causes CreateAthon 2010 at LWT began last Thursday with a kick-off [...]

Maintaining The Gap’s Brand Loyalty

Early this week The Gap launched a new logo- and was met with a huge backlash from fans on all social networks. With more than 2,000 comments supporting the old logo and a spoof Twitter account with thousands of followers, The Gap definitely got the message. Ta da! People do care. The entire fiasco and [...]

Working Pro Bono: Part One

Part One: Agencies Giving Back to the Community In honor of LWT’s 9th annual CreateAthon event, I’ll be covering a three part series on working for causes. Part One: Agencies Giving Back to the Community Part Two: LWT’s CreateAthon 2010 Coverage Part Three: Using Social Media for Causes Almost all agencies do pro bono work [...]

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The City of Montgomery – The Capital of Dreams

The City of Montgomery branding campaign officially launched yesterday. It was a huge undertaking but the members of LWT could not be more proud of the unveiling. Montgomery is looking forward to a bright future! Here’s what some LWTers had to say: “Looking forward! Where else in the world could be as central to modern [...]

The Dreaded Hunt: 72+ Resources for Job Searching with Social Media

With unemployment rates still hovering around 9.5% in the US, people are having to get creative with job searching. Social media is an often over-looked resource. It’s no longer what you know, or even just who you know, but a large blending of the two…mixed with a large dose of personal branding.  It’s not as [...]

Facebook Places vs. Foursqaure: A Battle of Incentives & Convenience?

Ever since the debut of Facebook Places a few weeks back, the big question has been whether it could squish the gaining popularity of Foursquare. As of today, my research points to more people favoring Foursqaure, but there are a lot of things to consider when examining both options. Following are some points for both sides: Consumer incentives are higher [...]