Super Bowl Ad Round Up

Fox Sports Super Bowl Commercial Photo

Dogs Tied for Best: According to USA Today’s Ad Meter, there was a tie for the first time ever, and both ads featured personified dogs. Doritos achieved one of the top spots with an ad made by consumers, and the other top spot went to a Bud Light ad. See how the ads ranked and read more here.

Ad Age Says Beer Ads Losing Fizz: Ken Wheaton at Ad Age has some pretty strong opinions, shared in a comprehensive commercial list devised before the airing of the game. Opinions across the web show he’s not alone in a lot of these. Did Best Buy, Groupon, and Chrysler really do best? He gave Bud Light one of the lowest scores whereas USA Today’s Ad Meter gave it the highest. What do you think? Read more here.

Spend Money, says!: Today’s article on CNN Money says that ad experts deem this year’s overall Super Bowl ad theme as saying the recession is over and we should all spend lots of money, which is the opposite to last years message. One sign of this is the move away from “emasculation” into “post-adolescent guy humor.” Is this the overall message you got? Read more here.

Apes Causing a Stir: The only thing going for the CareerBuilder commercial spot seems to be negative press about using apes. While a great number of advertising agencies and in-house production teams have agreed to no longer use apes to respect an ongoing effort from PETA, CareerBuilder decided to go the route of animals increasing likability. Do you think it will do more harm than good for the company? Read more here.

What did you think of last night’s ads? Were you underwhelmed? Any favorites?

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