New Logo Design for JCPenney: Is it Worth it?

Ad Age posted a blog entry the other day revealing JCPenney’s new logo, set to debut in commercials February 27th. The Gap felt a horrible backlash when it tried to freshen its logo and Starbucks faced minor criticism, but Natalie Zmuda at Ad Age believes no one is even going to notice the change in the JCPenney logo. The company had the new logo carefully designed to reflect the lively, modern direction the store has gone over the past 40 years. The collateral and sign replacements will happen in stages over the next 3 years.

JCPenney Old Logo

New JCPenney Logo






What do you think consumer reactions will be? Do you agree that the logo redesign may go unnoticed?

Read more at Ad Age’s Blog: JCPenney’s Logo Is Changing, Bet You Won’t Notice


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