New to Google Search: Less Content Farms, More Food

LWT 365 Blog Post About Google Search Changes with Google Recipes

Google has made a few changes lately!


  1. Lower rankings for Content Farms – Content Farms are those websites full of low quality, mostly useless text filled with keywords built to attract traffic from search engines. This will improve rankings for sites and information you’re actually trying to find. For more information, read Google Declares War on Content Farms from Mashable.
  2. Google’s Recipe Tool- right along with images, video, and shopping, Google has made searching for recipes even easier. Choose from numerous variables such as ingredients, calories, and cook time to find the perfect recipe. Read more from Mashable’s article, Google Rolls Out New Search Tool for Recipes.
  3. Social Search- Google is making a few changes when it comes to social search results, but it will only effect users who are signed in to their Google accounts while searching. Two examples: “if an article was shared by a person you are friends with on multiple services, Google will think it’s probably more important to you. Or if a video has been shared by a lot of people, including your friends, there’s a good chance it will turn up high in your results on that topic.” Read more about the changes in the article Google Elevates Social From the Search Results Ghetto.




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