Facebook vs. Groupon

So who isn’t Facebook competing with?

In recent news it was announced that Facebook will start offering one-time discounted offers that people can share with their friends through the social network. The new program will be released in 5 major cities as a test run within the next few weeks. This seems like an appropriate integration (whether through Facebook itself or a partnership) with Facebook already having a Marketplace, F-Commerce, and a saturation of Business Pages. Read more about the deals from the article: Facebook Will Introduce New Service That Sells Discount Deals

Facebook is now also competing with movie rental companies. You can choose to rent a movie right from some Facebook Fan Pages, such as “The Dark Knight,” for $3. Warner Bros. felt this was a natural extension of their fan page. This puts Facebook in competition with just about every movie service out there. Most movie rental companies are offering some form of streaming video to stay afloat. Do you think Facebook has the power to enter this market? Read more from the article¬†Warner Bros. Starts Movie Rental Service on Facebook



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  • Laura Says:

    I think the discounts and deals will work well with Facebook that already has marketplace and could be integrated with that. Not sure about the Movie Rental service or how well it will do. Looks like Facebook is trying to be all things to all people in a space where so many already spend most of the time.

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