“Why make a St. James video?”

Why make a Saint James Video? – Anyone who is an art director knows the responsibility that comes with a question like this. Though this question is posed by a student after the fact, as a company are asked on a daily basis “why” to do one thing or another. Justification of the creative process- a mystery to most, it’s a hard thing to explain.

With the level of creativity and experience that we have as a team there are sure to be differences of opinion- but when it gets right down to it we are all working towards giving the client something they love and are proud of – independent from our own personal opinions. It takes a lot of guts to put your idea out there for the critical masses and one can only hope the end product will not only be well received but most importantly do the job that was intended.

There are ways of measuring success of certain campaigns we work on but this is most definitely my favorite. Hearing right from the client (in this case the student body and administration) I would like to also say how impressed I was with the kids and staff at Saint James, they were so polite and agreeable even though we knew we were getting on their nerves (if you can imagine me, Lani and Stephen getting on a nerve) But… in the end I am not just happy about the quality of the video we produced- but I am most proud of the response we’ve had from the client.. that what makes this job worthwhile and is the true answer to “why”…

LWT Advertising Agency Made St. James Video


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