Major Media Ad Spending: Internet NOT on Top

TV trumps all categories for media spending in 2011 and is predicted to do so right through 2015. In fact, the media spending doubles that of the internet in 2011, shown in a study conducted by eMarketer in March of 2011. Many factors are contributing to this sustained dominance, one of which is media consumption habits.

While some were predicting a decline in tv consumption because of services like Hulu, Netflix, etc., ¬†according to eMarketer, we’re actually watching more tv per week than we were a year ago. It’s just that we’re consuming other media while watching, such as using our Smart Phones and laptops. This doesn’t mean everyone is distracted, though. The study notes, “It turns out that people aren’t watching Fox’s “Glee” while checking e-mail, but they are more likely commenting on the latest episode on Twitter and Facebook.” So rather than the two categories competing, they’re fueling each other.

Consumption habits aren’t the only things fueling growing media budgets, however. Some of the growth can possibly be attributed to a “recovering economy.” Companies are hiring a little more, spending a little more on advertising, and becoming a little more comfortable overall. eMarketer also points out that the growth in the TV media budget is probably at the expense of newspapers and magazines.

Do you think this trend will continue, or will online video services interfere? What else might shift these media budgets?

eMarketer Ad Spending Media Budget Chart for LWT Blog

Read more from the eMarketer Study from AdAge’s Blog here:¬†Among Media, TV Is Still on Top



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