Free Advertising with Facebook Picture Tagging?

The ability to tag Business Pages in photos was something I didn’t realize I wanted until last week, and then a few days later Facebook enabled just that. We’re currently featuring past CreateAthon clients on our Facebook wall in commemoration of 10 years of participation, and many of these clients have Facebook pages. It’s one thing to post photos of the work, but we wanted to link it to those organizations and start a conversation- sharing memories, getting updates from the organizations on what they’re doing now, etc. Tagging a brand or company in a photo will now place that photo in the photos tab of their page, granted it hasn’t been disabled. I’d rather it post to their wall, but this is a step in the right direction for what we were hoping to accomplish!

The article Mashable posted announcing the new feature made an interesting point: “Imagine if people started tagging themselves wearing, say, Levi’s jeans. All of those snaps would then go to the Levi’s Facebook Page and result in free advertising.” It’s kind of a step further from wearing clothing with the brand clearly distinguishable (like the little red tabs on Levi’s or a brand name t-shirt).  Another Mashable article says, “Coke had encouraged fans to [tag photos] within hours of Facebook’s announcement last week.” Social media is putting the brand in the hands of the consumer even more with this move. Do you like this organic form of advertising? Do you think you’ll start tagging your objects?

I could see this getting out of hand with large brands having to monitor their photos and delete any inappropriate ones. Do you see any other possible negatives to this new option?

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