All In A Day’s Work

At LWT, employees can expect to be called upon at any time to help with a project. LWT prides itself on creating top notch work for its clients through original and, at times, elaborate marketing ideas. Sometimes, the journey through producing such projects can involve all manners of “extra” work, going far beyond simply lending a hand on a computer or piecing together a mock ad. This can range anywhere from being an extra in a photoshoot to assisting in rigging a device to capture just the perfect scene in a video.

LWT Advertising Blog Uniform PhotoA recent example is when web programmer, Brandon Johnston was called upon to don the prestigious attire of a United States serviceman. After making sure all the clothing was fitted and properly assembled, he spent some time researching the proper pose and techniques for saluting.

LWT Ad Agency Blog Principal PhotoshootThese types of tasks don’t stop with the production team. Even the partners dive into the thick of things when extra hands are needed. LWT Principal, Jim Leonard is no stranger to the camera, having taken center stage for photo shoots. Jim’s partner, David Allred, also has a reputation of devising all manners of gadgetry to aid in marketing packages and video/photo production.

But to call participation in such activities “work” would be lying. Each and every member of the LWT staff pours themselves, heart and soul, into their job. It’s a labor of love, and the final products always exhibit that sentiment. At the end of the day, dressing up as an elf; hanging precariously from a moving vehicle; and laying down some landscaping is all in a day’s work.


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