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A few months ago I was talking to my boss, David Allred, and he said he’d prefer to share links with a select group of people on Facebook rather than everyone he’s friends with. Not all of his friends are interested in the same topics. Social networks seem to be heading in that direction. Over the past few months I’ve read many articles about the emergence of niche social media groups, where people can share things more openly or in a very particular way with a specific group of friends. It would allow people to share more personal details that may only be appropriate for close friends, make detailed plans in one forum, etc. A few examples of this:

  • Path - “The Personal Network” to share photos with 50 friends
  • GroupMe and Beluga – Both are group messaging services
  • Toyota Friend – Private network for new Toyota owners

Business Insider has posted a good article discussing a theory for this transition and insight into what will happen with the social giants, such as Facebook. The writer explains, “I’m not saying that people will stop sharing their every thought, photo, and link. People love this freedom of expression. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn will be fine because they form the foundation of the social web.” People want to go beyond broadcasting, however, so these specialized, more private social groups are the next step. As you can see above, they’re emerging in a variety of ways and aren’t always person-to-person. What do you think will happen? Will people start to use more than one kind to meet their different social needs?

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