Is “Want” the New “Like”?

I can think of many reasons why marketers, advertisers, product developers, etc. should hope it is! I’ve seen a few social services emerge lately revolving around people sharing things they want. Business Insider published an article describing a mobile app called “Want!” where you take pictures of things you want, label them, and can either store them for later reference or send them out to your social networks. Another sharing network I’ve noticed is It’s not strictly for “wants” but if you pay close attention to what people are posting, it’s photos of how they want to decorate, outfits they’d like to wear, food they’d like to make, etc. So essentially it boils down to the same thing. Interesting trends have emerged from the recession, and this seems like it could have sprouted from people not having the money, but still enjoying the process.

There are limitations as to why it can’t go as far as the “like” button- the “like” button can be applied to basically everything you can think of. The “want” button, on the other hand, can’t be used as easily for journalism and online written content unless it’s about a specific topic. I’m tempted to say it’s best suited for e-commerce, but it has potential to expand. Saying you “want” something also seems one step further than saying you “like” something, but this commitment may or may not make a difference. We have to keep in mind, one reason the “like” button has been so overwhelmingly popular is because of the simplicity and distance from users- all they have to do is click one button one time.

How do you think this can help marketers? Does it stand a chance against the “like” button?


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