When Social Media IS Your Work

Recently we’ve added a tagline to our signature files for those we are corresponding with to “Like us on Facebook.” Regularly, I am engaged in Facebook, Twitter or iTunes each day developing apps for clients, etc. Why does it still feel as though I’m doing something wrong when I’m on Facebook at work, as though I have to look over my shoulder to see if my supervisor is coming down the hall? Does it still feel as though you’re doing something you shouldn’t be doing?

Could that be the cool factor of social media? It’s fun. It’s cool. It feels as though you shouldn’t be surfing at work, but it IS work for some- especially advertising agencies. Those companies who are truly dedicated to social media see that it’s not easy. You have to have a strategy, stay on top of fan posts, and most importantly- socialize with your fans.

What about the companies who have to manage a social presence, but aren’t allowed to access any networks while at work? What are some of the roadblocks your company has faced while diving into social media?



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