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As a follow up to our last Social Media Mistakes post on engaging in customer service through social channels, I wanted to share this article that I ran across in Adweek – “Social Faux Pas”. The data and infographic in the article are based on a survey done by eMarketer, and the results further support the premise that most businesses and organizations should be engaging in customer service through social media.

One statistic is very telling of the future of customer service. The 18 to 34 year old age group is more likely to use a social network to share a negative experience about a brand or product than by calling the company directly. Consider that the 47 to 65 age group is more than four times as likely to call the company directly, and you can see the monumental shift that is taking place. Only 40% of companies believe that they are prepared to deal with this trend, which is a huge opportunity: You can become a trend setter and leader in your industry by putting a solid plan in place to effectively deal with your customers through social media. By doing it now, you can immediately improve your customer relationships, and get ahead of the other 60% that are unprepared.


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