Social Media Mistake #8: Relying Too Much on Third Party Platforms.


Facebook is one example of a platform that is good for engaging with your customers. But Facebook owns their platform and can do whatever they want with it. The latest example is Facebook’s almost overnight elimination of tabs – for some businesses this change has created real challenges. Google owns their platform and they can change their search algorithms anytime they want – and do about 500 times per year. An example is Google’s Penguin algorithm update that left many businesses who focused too much on paying for inbound links to boost their Google ranking with some dramatic site traffic losses.

Certainly utilize the big four (Facebook, Google, Apple & Amazon) as part of your marketing strategy when appropriate but be careful not to become over-dependent on them. You should first define your strategy by identifying the critical operations of your business, then plan your own website platform (and marketing) around what you need to accomplish. Then you can explore how to layer the big four and other platforms that fit your niche to build your traffic and your business.

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