Happy Birthday Photoshop!

20 Years of PhotoshopToday marks the 20th birthday of Adobe Photoshop. Like a guitar to a rockstar, a needle to a seamstress, or a scalpel to a surgeon, each profession has a tool they hold near and dear to their hearts. Everyone in the graphic design world has some kind of attachment to this photo editing application. It’s become so entrenched in our industry, and so popular in our culture, that it has become a recognized verb (“That model was obviously Photoshopped”).

On February 19th, Adobe is kicking off an official year-long celebration with many ways to show your love for this popular app. Become a fan on Facebook and read about their celebration activities.

Also, know your Photoshop history! Check out Webdesigner Depot’s article relating the origin and evolutionary highlights of the program we couldn’t live without.

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